How To Make Subroutines Callee

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How To Make Subroutines Callee-Save. .. Any register used by a subroutine MUST be saved and restored from the stack! The following routine illustrates this procedure: ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- ; SUBROUTINE: GENERATES NEXT RANDOM NUMBER ; ; OUT: r12 = 0-32767 ; random seed updated ; rand16: push r4 ; save registers
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Unformatted text preview: push r5 push r6 push r7 mov.w RandSeed,r5 ; Prepare multiplication mov.w #MULT,r4 ; Prepare multiplication call #MPYU ; Call unsigned MPY (5.1.1) add.w #INC,r7 ; Add INC to low word of product mov.w r7,RandSeed ; Update RandSeed mov.w r7,r12 ; return in r12 swpb r12 pop r7 ; restore registers pop r6 pop r5 pop r4 ret ; Random number in Rndnum...
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