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In Obama’s claim for poverty, he has a plan in which there will be better education opportunities for families with low income. He believes that there are several things we can do to increase education in low-income schools. First of, increasing funding for the Head Start program will provide minority, low- income preschool children with better learning skills. The grounds for this problem are that poor and minority children do not enter kindergarten ready to learn and are extremely behind compared to the other children. Therefore, by increasing funding these children will have a better opportunity to continue their education with hopes of having a successful life. Secondly, Obama wants to place high-quality teachers in low-income classrooms so that children in these low-income schools will have a better education. The grounds for this problem are that the quality of a teacher is an important factor in a child’s education. These high-quality teachers will then be eligible for pay increases beyond their salaries. The results that
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Unformatted text preview: will then be shown in these schools, can then be replicated in other school districts. Thirdly, Obamas STEP UP plan addresses the achievement gaps among grade-school children by supporting summer learning opportunities for disadvantaged children through partnerships between local schools and community organizations. This will extend summer school opportunities to low-income students. Moreover, Obama would also like to make college more affordable by increasing the maximum Pell Grant amount. The framing in the claim seems to be successful because there may actually be a way in doing this. However, where will all this money come from that is needed so that these problems will be fixed. Obama did a good job in catching the audiences attention because he made it seem realistic, in a way that these plans will actually work....
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