Servo - How servos operate

Servo - How servos operate - The purpose of this article is...

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The purpose of this article is to give an overview of how servos operate and to describe their interfaces. Though we have taken steps to assure the quality of information here, Brookshire Software, LLC makes no guarantees about the information presented here. Brookshire Software, LLC cannot be held liable or accountable for any use or misuse of the provided information. Servos There are a wide variety of servos on the market today. Ranging from micro servos with 15oz-in torque to powerful heavy-duty sail boat servos, they all share several common characteristics. A servo is essentially a positionable motor. The servo "knows" two things: where it is (the actual position) and where it wants to be (the desired position). When the servo receives a position, it attempts to move the servo horn to the desired position. The task of the servo, then, is to make the actual position the desired position. We will divide our servo study into two parts: "Receiving the Desired Position" and "Matching the Desired and Actual Positions." Receiving the Desired Position The first step to understanding how servos work is to understand how to control them. In this section, we will discuss the electrical interface of a typical servo. All timing and electrical characteristics described here have been experimentally determined from a "HS-303 HiTec" servo. The servo is controlled by three wires: ground (black), power (red), and command (typically white). Power is usually between 4v and 6v and should be separate from system power (as servos are electrically noisy). Even small servos can draw over an amp under heavy load so the power supply should be appropriately rated. Though not
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Servo - How servos operate - The purpose of this article is...

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