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Syllabus CS 142 – Fall 2011

Syllabus CS 142 – Fall 2011 - Syllabus CS...

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Syllabus CS 142 – Fall 2011 The Text C++ for Everyone , by Cay Horstmann, Wiley ( ISBN 978-0-470-92713-7 ). This book is relatively new and represents a solid introduction to problem solving in general as well as C++ syntax. You may be able to get a discounted version from an internet bookstore. The Wiki https://facwiki.cs.byu.edu/cs142fa11/index.php/Main_Page News and updates will be posted to the class wiki, which serves as the class web site. Please use the discussion tab on each page to discuss and give help for class assignments . Also place comments on the wiki if there are errors so that they may be quickly corrected. Note that changes to class assignments, policies and due dates will be posted on the wiki. You can use your browser to access an RSS feed of changes if you like. Working Together As you know, cheating is not in line with the Honor Code. We will not tolerate it. Sometimes, however, there is a question as to whether a certain behavior is going to be deemed cheating. The policy in this class is a "no take away" policy. If you are to join together in groups to work on labs, the policy is that you take nothing away with you that you did not bring. In other words, you should not have new answers or code written when you leave that you did not have when you arrived. You are encouraged to get together, discuss the work, and work out principles and concepts. If there are further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The policy is not there to cause pain, but to offer protection for the innocent. I am very reasonable and will be happy to clarify or alter any ambiguous or stupid policies. Labs There will be several labs assigned during the course. The labs come in rapid succession and are nontrivial, so do not delay. Get started on them immediately. Check the wiki frequently, as updates and useful information will appear almost daily. Most of the concepts covered will have an associated lab. It is thus very important that you understand the labs fully, since those will be an important part of your practice for the midterm and final exams. They have been designed to be useful and to have direct relevance to the concepts you are learning. Do not fall behind! If you are struggling with a lab, seek TA help before it comes due. Extraneous circumstances will be mercifully considered, provided that they are not self-made emergencies that occur on or after the due date. Late labs will receive a 10% penalty for every day late (absolute points - a score of 75% will be 65% after one day late, not 67.5%). Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays do not count as additional days late, that is, if something is due on a Thursday and it is submitted at or after 12:01 AM Friday it is one day late. If it is submitted at or after 12:01 AM Monday it is two days late, as is all work submitted until 12:01 AM on Tuesday. Starting at 12:01 AM on Tuesday the work is three days late. The maximum late penalty is 50%.
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No work can be accepted after the last regular day of class. Note that neither the days of the final exam
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Syllabus CS 142 – Fall 2011 - Syllabus CS...

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