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Unformatted text preview: CEEn 103 STATICS STYLE GUIDE- THIS WILL SAVE YOUR GRADE! Engineering a very technical field. While shortcuts are what we are all about you must prove your answers with your calculations. This style guide will help you to solve problems and show your work the way you will as an engineer. 1. Use the tools: the test file packet you have been given has an example problem for every homework. The problems will be different but the style is the same. Follow it. 2. Don't use a pen- you are likely to make a mistake. 3. Only one equal sign per line. 4. Calculations must flow from top to bottom; only one column per page unless you neatly draw a line down the middle and use both sides. Ex. 5. Use only the Engineering paper prescribed to you by your Professor. Don't write on the back! 6. Mark answers with an arrow to the left: 7. State the method/formula being used before you use it. 8. Any value you calculate must be cited and referred to before it is used again. Ex. Fy = 0 Ay 50N = 0 Ay = 50N Mo=0 (5m)Ay + (6m)Px = 0 Sub in from (5m)(50N) + (6m)Px = 0 Px = -41.7N 9. Label ALL units (remember moments are in forcedistance not force/distance) 10. All Static Free Body Diagrams equal zero. Label Diagram = 0 11. ALWAYS give answers in three significant figures however carry at least 4 significant figures through your intermediate calculations. **WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DO IT NEATLY** ...
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