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When you don’t know what you’re doing, do it neatly! F 11 6 Rounding & Sig Figs S tatic s CEEn 103 Significant Figures: In statics, we will always round to four significant figures. What are significant digits? Te important ones! For example, here is the value for pi, written rounded to six significant figures: 3.14159. Te number 3000, on the other hand, has only one signifi- cant figure (the 3), because there is no way to be sure that the zeros following the 3 are precise representations of some measurement, or if the number really represents a measure- ment or calculation of 3149, which was then rounded to one significant digit. If a number ends precisely with zero, we usually put a point a±er it, like this: 3000. . Notice how the point that means “the three zeros to the le± of me are really zero” now looks like a stuttered period! In this case it is tempting to write: 3000.0 but technically the “.0” means two things: that the measure- ment/calculation is accurate to the tenths place, and that
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