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goodall final draft - Deep Connection with Others The Big...

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Deep Connection with Others The Big Bang Theory and God’s creation are only a few ways that people believe the world started . There has and always will be a significant debate about science and religion . Most people who are religious believe that the world was created by God . However, scientists for example, are taught to believe in the Big Bang Theory and in evolution . In “In the forest of Gombe,” Jane Goodall writes about her experience living in the forest of Gombe while studying chimpanzees when she encountered an amazing experience which helped her create a coexistence between science and religion . Living life in nature allowed Goodall to come to the conclusion that there was a much deeper connection than she realized between science and religion, with the analyzing of chimpanzees and humans . Science and religion are on two completely different perspective scales. Living your life believing in religion or living your life believing in science can lead you to many different things. Religion explains that the world was created by this higher being called God. However, science believes in theory’s and experiments that could explain how the world came about. Goodall writes, “I was taught, as a scientist, to think logically and empirically rather than intuitively or spiritually” (109) . Being the scientist that she is helps her think in different ways then a regular person would . The way that she explains herself through her writing, it seems as if she was a scientist before she ever believed in God. So, she was able to see the world as a scientist but now she can see the world through a different window. She is basically thinking
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with her mind and not with her heart or spirit . Thinking logically and empirically is her scientist half and thinking intuitively or spiritually would be her religious half .
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goodall final draft - Deep Connection with Others The Big...

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