StaticsW12PacketStuff - CEEn 103 When you dont know what...

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Unformatted text preview: CEEn 103 When you dont know what youre doing, do it neatly! W12 S tatic s Syllabus Instructor Professor Magleby, Sections 1 and 2 Office Hours: MWF 9am, 242M CB or 188 CB 422-8319 Other Course Materials Grades Prerequisites Text Engineering Mechanics - Statics by Plesha, Gray, Constanzo Lecture Notes Handed out daily and then posted on Blackboard You are not absolutely required to have completed physics 121, but it is highly recommended. If you have not had any physics, Statics will require extra work on your part. If you have not completed Math 110 (College Algebra) and Math 111 (Trigonometry), or the High School equivalent. STOP!!! EJECT!!! Come back when you have a firm foundation and can be successful. You will be forcefully dropped from CEEn 103 by the department for non-compliance if you have not met the math prerequisite requirements. If you are transfer student with questions about compliance, contact Kim Glade in 368CB. Grades are posted on blackboard. Grades will be determined by the following weights: Handwritten Homework: 15% Online Homework: 5% Each Exam: 20% Cheating will result in a zero grade and disciplinary action by the university. Minimum-guarantee grade breakdowns are: A 96% B+ 88% C+ 76% D+ 64% A- 92% B 84% C 72% D 60% B- 80% C- 68% D- 56% CONNECT CONNECT is an online homework program that will be used in conjunction with handwritten problems assigned from the back of the text. An access code for CONNECT is sold bundled with the text in the BYU bookstore, or it can be purchased separately online. CONNECT registration information specific to each section will be handed out the first week of class. For a video showing how to register for CONNECT with an access code, OR to see how to register for just CONNECT without buying a text, go to: S When you dont know what youre doing, do it neatly! S tatic s CEEn 103 S Exams Midterm Exams How many? Three When See Schedule Where Testing Center How many days? All day Friday and Saturday, plus Monday BEFORE 4pm with a fee. Paper Paper will be provided for your use. Grade weight Each exam is worth 20% of your overall grade. Feedback Usually about 10 days. Exams are returned in the homework drawer. Late/early? Never University excused absence? See advisor for excuse form. Score will be the average of other three exams. Life is messy (forgot/missed/sick..) See Professor Magleby ASAP to discuss Justice and Mercy. Timed? Two hours. A penalty of one point per minute over is assessed. Format for midterms Three problems, homework style. See exam file for examples. No Equations. Grading Rubric The same rules as written homework. Presentation will be strictly enforced....
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StaticsW12PacketStuff - CEEn 103 When you dont know what...

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