Winter 2012 Lecture 02

Winter 2012 Lecture 02 - "Tyranny" by...

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“Tyranny” by Stabilizers, 1986 I can see you’ve got things well in hand You seem to think this is your promised land No parade without a tip of your hat If the people cry—you give them what they ask Both good and bad—and as the sky turns black CHORUS: What’s a little tyranny to you? When all you need to do—is come to me So what—what’s a little tyranny Now the plan begins to take some form I could swear you had a soul before You’re in command—holding tight to your course You close your hand and promise them much more From behind your door—they’ve heard it all before CHORUS Now it seems your luck is running down A masquerade in pieces on the ground The fear you’ve lost has suddenly been found They’ve come for you—go to your angry crowd Hear them calling out loud You’re wearing a smile through the frown CHORUS
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Monday, January 9 th Review Room 173A SWKT is now opened M-F from 9 to 4 pm Add/Drop deadline is Wednesday, January 18th by 5:00 pm International Sections Available: Sections 62, 63, & 64 Must rain check first Once cleared, an e-mail will be sent to you to add the class IMPORTANT: Correction to the syllabus Week two (January 9-13) it is also required of you to read the first chapter of City Upon a Hill
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Winter 2012 Lecture 02 - "Tyranny" by...

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