Winter 2012 Lecture 04

Winter 2012 Lecture 04 - "Palsy," by Matteo, 2011...

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“Palsy,” by Matteo, 2011 We sit just staring, the water is open wide And John waits for Jesus on the riverside I whisper to you , “ How far is Galilee? You smile and say, It s as far from you to me. We watch the ripples and I try to understand Can water clean palsy and heal a withered hand? You stand and signal me to rise, the pool wakes I try and take up my bed, but my body it shakes He descended like manna, too good to be a real thing Some work of man, a magic I can t believe You said, Stand and be cheerful, just love him like you love me. Don t just be waiting for the feelings to go away. My light is shining, the morning breaks, let us laugh and try to (let us) pray And on our feet we try to listen, let s let the children in We start a family and try to do good, and rejoice with all our kin And in our cities and metal buildings the love had begun to die And we stop living, lives not worth giving, it opened up my eyes And now I want to do the things I know how to, while I am on your side Water cleans palsy, love lifts the weary, and heals the withered hands And in the home where we knew nothing but of ease I broke your heart and blamed the disease But the blessing was you and I devote my hands and feet We left the city and searched the mountains wide I walked uneasy; it s been long since I moved outside Fig tree was dry and a blind man looked up from the ground You held his arm and we walked with him back into town
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Winter 2012 Lecture 04 - "Palsy," by Matteo, 2011...

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