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Essay Assignments

Essay Assignments - AMERICAN HERITAGE 100 Essay Assignments...

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AMERICAN HERITAGE 100 Essay Assignments This semester you will write two essays of about 750 words each (about three pages). Each essay will be worth a maximum of 50 points although there will be other graded elements as well. For Essay 1 you will be required to first submit a draft which will be evaluated by a fellow student and graded by your TA. You will receive up to 20 points on your draft. Just as a student will evaluate your draft, you will also be required to evaluate the draft of another student and you will receive up to 10 points depending on the quality of your evaluation. After receiving the evaluations of your draft by a fellow student and your TA, you will be expected to revise the essay and submit a final version which will be graded by your TA. The final version will be worth up to 30 additional points. Along with the final version of Essay 1, you will be required to submit a “Change Memo” with will be worth up to 10 points. In your Change Memo you will take up to a page to indicate how your revision responded to the comments of both the student and TA who evaluated your draft. Here are the dates associated with Essay 1: February 2 or 3 Draft of Essay 1 due at the beginning of lab February 9 or 10 - Student evaluation due at the beginning of lab February 23 or 24 TA will return graded draft March 8 or 9 Final version of Essay 1 along with the Change Memo due at the beginning of lab Essay 2 will be submitted as a final version only for which you will receive a maximum of 50 points. It is due at the beginning of lab on March 29, 30. My hope is that the quality of your second essay will be improved by your experience from the two-stage process in writing Essay 1. This is a summary of the possible points available for each activity: Essay 1: Draft 20 Evaluation 10 Final version 30 Change memo 10 Essay 2: Final version 50 In total, the essay assignments are worth up to 120 points, more than a midterm exam. In order to do well on each component of the essay assignments, be sure to carefully follow the instructions below.
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2 E SSAY F ORMAT We seek a consistent format for your essays. All writing assignments must be word-processed. In addition, please adhere to the following guidelines: Use Times New Roman 12 or its close equivalent. Your essay should be double-spaced. The first line of each new paragraph should be indented; please do not add an extra space between paragraphs. (In other words, at the end of a paragraph, press enter once and be sure the beginning of the next paragraph is indented.) Quotes of two or more sentences that exceed 4 lines of text may be single-spaced and indented as a block quotation. Long quotations should be used rarely, if at all. Set your margins at 1” ( NOT 1.25”) and don’t “justify” your right -hand margin. Do NOT adjust the margins to less than 1” in order to squeeze more words on a page!
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