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Unformatted text preview: Material adapted from Career and Academic Success Center, “Improving your Ability to Listen,” BYU College and Career Center, http://ccc.byu. edu/casc/listening-class ; “Listening Skills for Lectures,” Utah State University, listening.cfm . Keys to Active Listening: The TLRQ Process Improve your ability to listen by using the TQLR Process (Tune in-Question-Listen-Review). Tune In. Come prepared to listen, be alert (well rested if possible), and determine the topic of the day’s lecture ASAP. Once you know the topic, call to mind information you already know about it. Question. Focus your listening by asking questions in your mind such as "What point is the speaker making?" "What devices for support is he/she using?" and "What do I need to specifically remember?" Using this process throughout the entire lecture helps lead to an understanding of main ideas, the speaker's organization of the material being covered, and supporting details. It also helps you distinguishing between relevant of the material being covered, and supporting details....
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