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Appropriateness. Have I followed the instructions in the assignment? Have I answered the question asked and met the overall purpose of the assignment given? Does the paper follow the expectations for the particular kind of writing (or genre ) that is required? Would it communicate effectively with the target audience? Unity. Is there an appropriate controlling focus to unify the paper? Is there a strong overall structure? Can a reader understand the logic behind the ordering of the ideas? Are transitions used effectively to clarify connections between sections, paragraphs, and sentences? Evidence. Is there sufficient and appropriate evidence provided for the overall claim and for each supporting sub-claim? Paragraphs . Is each paragraph unified around a central claim, with specific support for that claim and appropriate commentary explaining the connection between the claim and
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Unformatted text preview: support? □ Introduction . Does the introduction prepare the reader for the paper, providing the following: □ a shared context or background information, □ a statement of the problem addressed, □ and a solution, thesis, or hypothesis in response to that problem? □ Conclusion. Does the conclusion emphasize the main points of your paper as well as its significance by answering the following questions: □ So what? □ Now what? □ Style. □ Are the sentences clear and effective? □ Does the word choice enhance the communication of ideas? □ Is the style both accessible and appropriate to the audience? □ Correctness. □ Is the paper error-free? □ Is punctuation used to improve the effectiveness of the communication? □ Is the appropriate citation format used correctly? Beth Hedengren University Writing Brigham Young University...
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