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Unformatted text preview: Complete as much as possible before reading. Add more information if you discover more while reading. Purpose What was generally occurring when this document was written? What historical background will probably be relevant to understanding this document? Biases This is the bias of the author. Historical Background What is the author trying to accomplish by writing this document? What question is he trying to answer? What problem is he trying to solve? Complete as you read, one passage of original text at a time. Note: if you fully comprehend the text without this portion, you do not need to fill it out. This is to help you make your way through complicated text. Original Text A passage of the original text--it's fine to simply record the location of the section you are working on (e.g. page 1, 5, etc.) Summary Summary of the original text in your own words. The relevance of the material in this portion of the text. (So what? Why is this important?) Questions/Terms Record terms that you don't know or don't understand in this context and their definitions, or questions you have about the text and answers you found. Use the rest of your work to fill this section in after you've read and deciphered the entire document. Conclusion/Main Ideas This is the response to the purpose: What is the answer to the author's question or the solution to the problem? Hint: The difference between a subordinate idea and the main idea is that the main idea holds the rest of the parts together. All subordinate ideas/evidence should support the main idea (aka the main idea should tie everything together). ...
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