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A few simple steps to help you make the most of your American Heritage lab experience. Before Record questions to ask your TA. All of the following are ideas to help you develop the types of questions that will most benefit you: What confused you in your reading assignments or lectures? How do this week’s concepts connect to previous course concepts? Apply concepts to current events and/or historical and social situations (Do you not only understand the concept, but know how it has been used?). What would you enjoy discussing in Lab? Do you have some good discussion questions that would spark deeper involvement in the concepts being studied? Review reading and lecture notes. During Participate! Offer opinions and observations, share experiences, ask follow up questions until you fully understand, and otherwise proactively engage in Lab.
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Unformatted text preview: Ask the TA your previously recorded questions. If Lab time does not allow for your questions, follow up by asking your TA before or after Lab, or go to the Review Room to complete your understanding. If you answered any questions incorrectly on the weekly quiz, ask questions until you understand why the correct answer is correct and your answer was incorrect. Take notes. Some material will be presented in Lab that wasn’t presented in lecture and could end up on exams. After Create a study group (see Forming Effective Study Groups for more info.). With your group, compare notes and review key concepts. Make sure you can teach material to others and verify that you agree on meaning and context of important concepts. Visit the Review Room for additional time to discuss and solidify your understanding of concepts....
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