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Performance vs Mastery Goals Job Aid

Performance vs Mastery Goals Job Aid - Paris Hilton and...

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Paris Hilton and Meryl Streep – they’re both famous actors, but they seem to have extremely different approaches to acting. While Paris Hilton’s goals seem to be concerned with obtaining attention and fame, Meryl Streep’s goals seem to be about mastering her craft. Setting Goals We all know we’re encouraged to set and seek after righteous goals. We know goals that are specific, measurable, moderately difficult (as opposed to seemingly impossible), and liable to be reached in the near future are most likely to improve our motivation and persistence. 1 There is, however, more to goal setting than those basic concepts. Goal Orientations The orientation of our goal-setting mentality can completely change the way we approach life. Two of the main goal-orientations discussed in psychology are performance and mastery : Performance goals seek to demonstrate ability to others. People who set performance goals are often focused on winning, looking good (looking smart), and being evaluated well (getting good grades).
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