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A few simple steps to help you write quality essays for American Heritage. Use your TA throughout the writing process! For example, you could discuss potential ideas with your TA, bring an outline to your TA, and bring what you consider to be a final draft to your TA. It’s best if you can go to your own TA for advice on your paper because your TA will be grading it, but if your schedule does not allow for visiting your TA during his/her hours in the Review Room, other TAs will be able to help you out. You will generally need to get your paper to your TA at least a full week before it is due if you want to get the best feedback. And remember, the TA is not there to do your work for you! Your TA will give you advice, but if you don’t take it (or your paper was rough enough at the consultation that your TA could only give you broad advice for improving your paper), then you can’t expect your TA visit to be apparent in the grade you receive.
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