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Unformatted text preview: Math 115 Overview Syllabus Assignments Key Dates Past Exams Final Exam Scale Here is the scale for the final exam in Global statistics: The mean on this exam was 68.6, the m [97-100 [90-96] [85-89] [80-84] [75-79] [69-74] [65-68] [60-64] [55-59] [50-54] [45-49] [40-44] [0-39] Fall 2008 Exam 1 Exam2 FinalExam FinalExamF08.pdf Final Exam Scale FinalExamSolutions.pdf Fall 2009 Winter 2009 Fall 2010 Winter 2010 Fall 2011 Winter 2011 Exam Review Exam Locations Doing Team Homework Help! (Off this site) Midterm Evaluations Math Lab Prep Math Site Instructor Directories Math careers Student Guide Team Hw Tutorial Student Data Sheet Gateways Web Homework This page last modified Mon Dec 15 19:48:10 2008 Questions? Comments? Your feedback is invaluable to us. Copyright 2001 The Regents of the University of Michigan ...
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