Math 215 Syllabus - 4 credits Credits Alternatives Math 285...

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Credits 4 credits Alternatives Math 285 ( Honors Calculus III ) is a somewhat more theoretical course which covers the same material. Subsequent Courses For students intending to major in mathematics or who have some interest in the theory of mathematics as well as its applications, the appropriate sequel is Math 217 ( Linear Algebra ). Students who intend to take only one further mathematics course and need differential equations should take Math 216 ( Introduction to Differential Equations ) Textbook You can use either one of the following two books (if you have the 6th edition of this book, see here ): Calculus (an excellent textbook, can be a good reference for single-variable calculus) Multivariable Calculus (Later chapters of the Calculus book, lighter and easier to carry around) by James Stewart , Seventh edition, Brooks/Cole ; 2008 Course Description The sequence Math 115-116-215 is the standard complete introduction to the concepts and methods of calculus. It is taken by the majority of students intending to major in mathematics, science, or engineering as well as students heading for many other fields. The emphasis is on concepts and solving problems rather than theory and proof. Course Outline Vectors Parametric Curves Functions of Two and Three Variables. Partial Derivatives. Multiple Integrals. Calculus of Vector Fields. Curl and Divergence. Green's, Stokes', and Divergence Theorems Course Components Web Homework : 10% Written Homework : 10% First Exam (12.1-14.7) : 25% Second Exam (14.8-16.3) : 25% Final Exam (cumulative, emphasis on Chapter 16) : 30% Exam Policies Calculators are not allowed on the midterms and final .
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Math 215 Syllabus - 4 credits Credits Alternatives Math 285...

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