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Grading Rubric - Essay 1

Grading Rubric - Essay 1 - Grading Rubric(30 Points...

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Grading Rubric (30 Points) Criteria Description Points Possible Points Earned Thesis (9 points) Clear, perceptive, and focused; leads to an interesting, incisive, creative argument; takes on interesting, complex ideas; thesis stated early on and governs the entire essay; sufficiently limited in scope. 9-7 Muddled or difficult to decipher; ordinary or uninteresting, not especially creative or insightful; disappears in portions of the essay; may lack focus, be too broad. 6-3 No thesis or a thesis that is merely descriptive, not the heart of an argument; vague, confusing, or plainly erroneous thesis. 3-0 Quality of Argument (12 points) Excellent analysis of appropriate evidence; insightful and fresh ideas; much more than summary or paraphrase; evidence supports thesis; the reader is enriched because the writer has presented something new and interesting. The argument invites complications and includes consideration of a counter-argument 12-9 At times insightful, but sometimes mere summary or missing
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