WA_7-338 Biology - La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez...

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Unformatted text preview: La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez Intro to Biology 2/7/12 Writing Assignment # 7-338 1 .Why do human beings play a unique role both in the degradation and the preservation of biosphere? The current global population number of humans, over 6 billion people, is absolutely prohibitive with respect to the task of stopping the degradation of the biosphere. Second, the degradation can be ultimately stopped via the radical, hundredfold reduction of population numbers, if only the modern humanity takes on a scientifically sound approach in their interactions with the biosphere. On the other hand, even if the global human population numbers are dramatically reduced, but we people continue the present-day illiterate practices of interacting with the biosphere, in particular, with the natural forests, the biosphere will be destroyed anyway. 2. What is the importance of the greenhouse effect? Green house gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons. These are helpful in maintaining the temperature of the earth. They form a life supporting environment. Some of them protects earth surface from harmful rays like UV rays. 3. Could global warming be simply a part of the long-term climatic cycles which include periodic ice ages well? There are many cycles which affect our climate; the most obvious ones are the Earth's rotation on its axis and its orbit around the Sun. These cycles give us the day and year. There La Rosa2 are many other cycles but because they happen over long periods of time they're not so apparent. However, just like the day and the year they're entirely predictable. We know at any moment in time just where we are within the various cycles and can therefore calculate the net...
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WA_7-338 Biology - La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez...

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