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Melissa La Rosa Dr. Salloum Microeconomics 2/7/12 Written Assignment #2 1. What are some of the characteristics shared by all living things? The characteristics shared by living things are the following: DNA, Cells (which all are made of), Growth and Development, Reproduction, Respond to Stimulation and Energy (required and used). 2. Why is energy so important to living organisms? Energy is not cycled, it flows through life in one direction; environment to organisms back to environment. Energy along with nutrients is essential to maintain life’s organization and functioning. Producers and Consumers both use energy as a food source, producers use it to make the food then consumers feed on tissues, wastes and remains that came from other organisms. 3. What is metabolism and what it its purpose? Metabolism is activities by which cells acquire and use energy as they make and break apart organic compounds. The purpose is for cell growth, reproduction, response to environment and maintenance of cell structure or integrity. It is made up of two categories: Catabolism and anabolism. 4.
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WA-3 Micro - La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Salloum...

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