Exam 1, 03 - 1. The cell is the basic unit of life (ly....

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Unformatted text preview: 1. The cell is the basic unit of life (ly. True '. B.'False ~! procaryotes are photosynthetic bacteria A. True (j. False 3. Which of the following is NOT true of aU cells A. Use DNA as the genetic material. 4f>Use enzymes that catalyse aerobic oxidation of organic compounds. C. Use ribosomes to translate the information carried in mRNA into protein. D. Use proteins as catalysts and use the same basic amino acids as the building blocks for proteins. E. All cells are enclosed by a plasma membrane. 4. Which of the following molecules most likely evolved first in the evolution of self- replicating molecular systems? A. lipids B. DNA t)RNA D. protein 5. The original organic life forms on Earth were all;;rokaryotes ~ True B.False 6. Endosymbiosis is thought to explain the evolution of eucaryotic cells (8.True B. False 'i <:ninsbind to which type of protein YNCAM attachments in the extracellular matrix @)Cadherin attachments in cell-cell adherens junctions C. Inositol triphosphate in the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane 8. All forms of NCAM are heterophilic adhesion molecules A. True @) False 9. The is a type of cell that fOlms peripheral ganglia after undergoing cellular migration in vertebrate embryos A. lymphocyte B. primordial germ cell ~ neuralcrest 10. In terms of phospholipid composition, the plasma membrane lipid bilayer is asymmetric. S True B.False I L In an eucaryotic ceU, such as Ii migrating neural crest cell or an epithelial cell, aU transmembrane proteins are free to float in the plasma membrane due to the fluidity of the phospholipids of the bilayer. A. True ~ False 12. The function of cholesterol in the plasma JIlembrane is to stabilize the fluidity of the 1.bilayer at different temperatures ~True B.False r#I3. Proteoglycans carry sugar chains attached to the protein backbone by a proline to core- tetrasaccharride linkage A. True @) False 14. In order for a protein to become embedded in the plasma membrane it must have a alpha- helix or hydrophobic beta-sheet in its structure True B. False 15. Chloroplasts were incorporated into eucaryotic c~s before mitochondria A. True (j).False 16. Which of the following was not a requirement for the inorganic to organic transition of molecules in the prebiotic earth A. abundant water @)oxygen gas C. ammonia D. methane 17. Which of the following type of procaryote is not included in the endosymbiotic theory A. large cells, adept at absorbing large quantities of matter B. cells efficient at oxidizing organic compounds C. cells that could photosynthetically produce chemical energy from light energy...
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Exam 1, 03 - 1. The cell is the basic unit of life (ly....

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