Exam II Fall 05 - BI0321 Cell Biology Exan 2 Fall 2005...

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- BI0321 Cell Biology Exan 2 Fall 2005 .:.:.:.i:.Tf9~F#~~~: 1. Much of the difference between animals is due to differential regulation of the same basic sets of genes during embryonic development. A. True B. False 2. Embryonic stem cells (ES cells) have the capacity to become any cell type of the body. They are therefore referred to as totipotent. <5\True B. False 3. The cell identity genes in adult jawed vertebrates are referred to as the Major Histocompatibility Complexes. A. True (m False - 4. Inositol triphosphate is a molecule involved in the mediation of extracellular signals to internal target proteins. A. True B. False 11. Growth factors only cause cells to grow in size. A. True B. False :Mg@jpi~gf.t8fCi§.i.:: 12. Extracellular signalling molecules are recognized by proteins on the cell surface called . A. sodium-potassium ATP-ase B. stress fibers C. cyclins - D. receptors E. ion-gated channels 13. The transfer of a phosphate group to a mol~cule or compound is called A. hydrogenation. B. hydrogen bonding. -C. phosphorylation. D. ionization. E. carboxylation. S. During development, cells become" determined" for 14. Cyclic AMP is commonly referred to as specific fates. A cell is said to be determined when it will A. energy currency develop into a different cell type when transplanted to a -B. a second messenger different part of the embryo. C. adenyl cyclase A. True B. False D. an enzyme - E. a primary messenger ~6. The initial dorso-ventral patterning of the early Drosophila embryo occurs before fertilization. A. True B. False 7. The mesoderm. of the early embryo is the tissue from which cells of the adult gut are derived. A. True B. False 8. In order for the animal to recognise the cell identities of "self' cells, T-cells are educated during their passage through the thymus; A. True B. False ~ " 15. Enzymelinkedreceptorshave cytoplasmicdomains ':>. that are usually -A. G-proteins B. kinases C. bound to the cytoskeleton D. peptidases E. none of the above 16. Increased cAMP levels in-cells:- A. is due to activation of adenylate cyclase B.leads to the activation of A-kinase C. can be due to the binding of an activated G-protein to adenylate cyclase 9. In order for the animal to recognise the cell identities of D. both a and b "self' cells, T-cells are selected by undergoing cycles of -E. a, b and c are all correct negative and positive binding to self MHC molecules before entering the general circulation as mature T-cells. A. True !3.False 10. T-helper cells are sometimes referred to as CD4 positive cells and cytotoxic T-cells are sometimes referred to as CDS positive cells. A. True
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Exam II Fall 05 - BI0321 Cell Biology Exan 2 Fall 2005...

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