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Exam IV fall 05 - BIO321Exam 4 Fall 2005 Make sure that you...

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BIO321 Exam 4 Fall 2005 Make sure that you bubble in both your name and your number MULTIPLECHOICE. Choosethe one alternativethat bestcompletesthestatementor answersthe question. 1) The phase of the cell cycle associated with the replication of DNA is A) interphase. B) metaphase. C) telophase. D) anaphase. E) prophase. 2) - is to eating as - is to drinking. ,. E) Phagocytosis. . . pinocytosis 3) Which of the following would be least likely to diffuse through a phospholipid bilayer? - A) sodium ions ' B) oxygen . C) the small, nonpolar molecule of butane D) water E) carbon dioxide 4) Phosphorylation of is required for chromosome condensation. 5) During metaphase_. - 6) Which one of the following processes could result in the net movement of a substance into a cell, if the substance is more concentrated in the cell than in the surroundings? - A) active transport B) diffusion C) facilitated diffusion D) plasmolysis E). osmosis 7) Endocytosis -
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BIO321 Exam 4 Fall 2005 8) The bottom line difference between passive and active transport through a cell membrane is ~ 9) The cell membrane is very similar to the membranes of which of the following? --D) All of the above are similar to the cell membrane. 10) The smooth endoplasmic reticulum functions in synthesis of A) lipids. B) polysaccharides. C) DNA. D) proteins. -E) all of the above
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