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Chem 115 lecture 3 problems - the flask? 4A. An aqueous...

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CHM 11500-M Lecture 3 – The “Power” Lecture 1. Calculate the molar mass of aluminum sulfate, Al 2 (SO 4 ) 3 Given Al = 26.98 g/mole; S = 32.01 g/mole; O = 16.00 g/mole 2. Balance the following chemical equations: ____C 3 H 6 (l) + _____O 2 (g) ____CO 2 (g) + ___ H 2 O (l) ____C 4 H 7 OH (l) + _____O 2(g) ____CO 2(g) + ___ H 2 O (l) 3. A 0.100 mol sample of Cl 2 in a 1.0 flask @ 20 °C. What is the pressure of the gas in
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Unformatted text preview: the flask? 4A. An aqueous solution of cadmium (II) chloride and an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide are mixed. What are the products? 4B. One of the products is insoluble. Which one is it? 4C. Write a net ionic equation for the insoluble product....
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