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Practice Problems from Lecture 9 and 10 1. Circle the ions in this list that are isoelectronic to F - . O -2 Cl - Ca +2 Rb + Ni +2 Al +3 2. Write electron configurations using the condensed notation for the following atoms and ions. A. V B. V +2 C. Mn D. Mn +2 3. Consider the following ions: sulfide ion, potassium ion, calcium ion, and chloride ion A. What noble gas are all these ions isoelectronic with? B. Arrange the ions in order of increasing ionic radius ______< ________ < _________ < ________ C. How do you determine the ordering?
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Unformatted text preview: What reasoning do you use? 4. Given that the lattice energy depends upon the following relationship Energy of attraction ≈ charge 1 × charge 2 internuclear distance Which compound has the higher (more negative) lattice energy: MgS or MgO? The reason for your response is A. The radius of a sulfur atom is larger than an oxygen atom B. The radius of an oxygen atom is larger than a sulfur atom C. The electron affinity for oxygen is larger than sulfur D. The radius of Mg is similar to S...
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