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Questions after collig prop lec - o C/m 4. A solution...

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Questions for 11/10/08 1. What factor is responsible for all colligative properties? 2. A 1.0 m solution of K 2 SO 4 in water has a freezing point of -4.3 o C. Given that the K f of water is 1.86 o C/ m , is that what you expect? If no, then what is the chemical/physical reason for the unexpected result? 3. Estradiol is a hormone found in both men and women. On dissolving 7.55 mg of estradiol in 0.500 g of camphor, the melting point of camphor is decreased by 2.10 o C. What is the molecular mass of estradiol? K f camphor = 37.7
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Unformatted text preview: o C/m 4. A solution prepared by dissolving 20.0 mg of insulin in water and diluting to a volume of 5.00 mL produces an osmotic pressure of 12.5 mm Hg at 300 K. What is the molecular mass of insulin? 5. Met-enkephlin is one of the so-called endorphins, a class of naturally occurring morphine-line chemicals in the brain. What is the molecular mass of met-enkephalin if 20.0 mL of an aqueous solution containing 15.0 mg of met-enkephlin at 298 produces an osmotic pressure of 24.29 mm Hg?...
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