Chap 1 questions - Which of the following symbols is not...

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Which of the following symbols is not correctly associated with its element? a. Beryllium ; Be b. Nitrogen ; Ni c. Oxygen ; O d. Aluminum ; Al e. Sodium ; Na Which of the following is the correct decimal power that corresponds to the prefix µ? a. 10 -2 b. 10 -6 c. 10 -3 d. 10 -9 e. 10 3 A student researcher measured the area of her dorm room, finding it to be 4.6 m x 3.2 m. Express the area using the proper number of significant figures: a. 14 m 2 b. 14.7 m 2 c. 14.72 m 2 d. 14.720 m 2 e. 15 m 2 Water boils at what temperature? a. 0.0 K b. 100 K c. 273 K d. 373 K e. 500 K Which of the following properties about bromine is a chemical property? a. The density of Br is 3.12 g/cm 3 at 293 K b. Br is a brown liquid that boils at 332 K c. Br reacts rapidly with metals d. Br is a reddish/brown liquid e. The freezing point of Br is -7.2 o C If a measurement was precise, but not accurate, it was: a. Repeatable, but not close to the true value b. Close to the true value, but not repeatable c. Repeatable, and close to the true value d. Not repeatable, and not close to the true value e. None of the above Diamond, made from elemental carbon, has a density of 3500 kg/m 3 . What is the density expressed in units of g/cm 3 ? a. 0.0035 g/cm 3 b. 3.5 g/cm 3 c. 35 g/cm 3
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350 g/cm 3 e. 3,500,000 g/cm 3 A scientific theory a. is a natural law. b. is an initial explanation of observations. c. can always be proven to be correct. d. is a hypothesis that repeatedly withstands the test of experiments and has overwhelming supportive evidence. e. a verbal statement or mathematical expression summarizing observations. Which of the following is not an SI base unit? a. kilogram b. meter c. mole d. degree celsius e. second Which of the following is not a correct prefix and corresponding multiple? a. kilo, 10 3 b. deci, 10 -1 c. milli, 10 -3 d. nano, 10 -6 e. centi, 10 -2 The density of lead is 11.4 g/cm 3 at 25 o C. What is the volume of 25.0 g of lead? a. 2.19 cm 3 b. 0.456 cm 3 c. 2.85 cm 3 d. 1.24 cm 3 e. 6.05 cm 3 The volume of H 2 gas in the Hindenburg was 2.60 x 10 5 cubic meters. What is this volume expressed in cubic kilometers? a. 2.60 x 10 2 b. 2.60 x 10 -4 c. 2.60 x 10 8 d. 2.60 x 10 14 e. 2.60 x 10 -1 The following mathematical operation should be correctly displayed as: 15.060 x 1.62 = a. 24.4 b. 24.40 c. 24.397 d. 24.3972 e. 24.39720 47.0 o C is _____ o F. a.
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Chap 1 questions - Which of the following symbols is not...

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