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Lec summary module4a - ECE 362 Microprocessor System Design...

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ECE 362 Microprocessor System Design and Interfacing © 2011 by D. G. Meyer 1 Lecture Summary – Module 4-A Hardware and Software Development Tips Reference: Various on-line sources memory models primary differences between general-purpose and embedded processor memory models s “flat” (no memory hierarchy, no virtual memory) s “non-infinite” SRAM data space and flash program space s “non-homogeneous” memory types SRAM – “read/write” (volatile unless battery backup used) Flash “read only” (non-volatile in-circuit, sector erasable and reprogrammable) EEPROM – non-volatile, “read mostly” (in-circuit byte erasable and reprogrammable) how differences in memory models influence way in which HLL code written s don’t use too high a level of abstraction avoid use of big library routines (e.g. printf) avoid dynamic memory allocation avoid complex data structures avoid recursive constructs watch declaration (char, int, long) s treat “C” like a “macro-assembly” language s remember that floating point support is generally emulated by lengthy software routines s remember that using table lookup might be a better approach for transcendental functions (sin, cos, tan, log) than calculation via software emulation discussion topics key characteristics of “real time” system s “mission critical” timing constraints s service latencies known and tightly bounded s typically “event-driven” s require low overhead context switching meaning of “fail safe” in the context of embedded software s A fail-safe or fail-secure device is one that, in the event of failure, responds in a way that will cause no harm to other devices or danger to personnel
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Lec summary module4a - ECE 362 Microprocessor System Design...

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