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MC14489 MOTOROLA 1 Multi-Character LED Display/Lamp Driver CMOS The MC14489 is a flexible light–emitting–diode driver which directly interfaces to individual lamps, 7–segment displays, or various combinations of both. LEDs wired with common cathodes are driven in a multiplexed–by–5 fashion. Communication with an MCU/MPU is established through a synchro- nous serial port. The MC14489 features data retention plus decode and scan circuitry, thus relieving processor overhead. A single, current–setting resistor is the only ancillary component required. A single device can drive any one of the following: a 5–digit display plus decimals, a 4–1/2–digit display plus decimals and sign, or 25 lamps. A special technique allows driving 5 1/2 digits; see Figure 16. A configuration register allows the drive capability to be partitioned off to suit many additional applications. The on–chip decoder outputs 7–segment–format numerals 0 to 9, hexadecimal characters A to F, plus 15 letters and symbols. The MC14489 is compatible with the Motorola SPI and National MICRO- WIRE serial data ports. The chip’s patented BitGrabber registers augment the serial interface by allowing random access without steering or address bits. A 24–bit transfer updates the display register. Changing the configuration register requires an 8–bit transfer. Operating Voltage Range of Drive Circuitry: 4.5 to 6 V Operating Junction Temperature Range: – 40 ° to 130 ° C Current Sources Controlled by Single Resistor Provide Anode Drive Low–Resistance FET Switches Provide Direct Common Cathode Interface Low–Power Mode (Extinguishes the LEDs) and Brightness Controlled via Serial Port Special Circuitry Minimizes EMI when Display is Driven and Eliminates EMI in Low–Power Mode Power–On Reset (POR) Blanks the Display on Power–Up, Independent of Supply Ramp Up Time May Be Used with Double–Heterojunction LEDs for Optimum Efficiency Chip Complexity: 4300 Elements (FETs, Resistors, Capacitors, etc.) See Application Note AN431, Temperature Measurement and Display Using the MC68HC05B4 and the MC14489 and Engineering Bulletin EB153, Driving a Seven–Segment Display with the Neuron Chip BitGrabber is a trademark of Motorola Inc. MICROWIRE is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corp. Order this document by MC14489/D MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA PIN ASSIGNMENT MC14489 P SUFFIX PLASTIC DIP CASE 738 DW SUFFIX SOG PACKAGE CASE 751D ORDERING INFORMATION MC14489P Plastic DIP MC14489DW SOG Package b d V DD e f ENABLE BANK 1 Rx a c5 4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7 6 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 11 12 13 BANK 4 BANK 5 DATA OUT h g CLOCK DATA IN BANK 2 V SS BANK 3 20 1 20 1 See web site for PLL control software. Look un- der Overview/Support Products/ PLL Demonstration Software.
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