116 Test Out Study Guide (Feb 2010)

116 Test Out Study Guide (Feb 2010) - PURDUE UNIVERSITY CHM...

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IMPORTANT! 1. Read this material thoroughly if you contemplate trying for advanced placement (and extra credit which counts toward graduation). 2. Study all the material listed in the outline. 3. Work many practice problems. 4. When you feel prepared for it, take the sample examination. 5. Come to the actual examination rested and confident. PURDUE UNIVERSITY CHM II STUDY GUIDE (Chemistry 11600/12400) This study guide describes the topics to be mastered prior to attempting the examination for the second semester of chemistry at Purdue University. The material covered can be found in current textbooks used for CHM 11500/11600, CHM 12300/12400 at Purdue University. Suggested Textbooks Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity, 7th ed by Kotz, Treichel & Townsend; Thomson/Brooks/Cole. ISBN-13: 978-0495390299. Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 5 edition by Silberberg; McGraw-Hill. th ISBN-10: 0077216504; ISBN-13: 978-0077216504. Chemistry, the Central Science by Brown, 11 edition by LeMay, Bursten & Murphy; Prentice-Hall. th ISBN-13: 978-0136006176. Texts can be purchased at Local Book Stores: ! University Book Store, 360 W. State Street, W. Lafayette, IN 47906. ! University Book Store, 720 Northwestern, W. Lafayette, IN 47906. ! Follett's Purdue West Book Store, 1400 W. State Street, W. Lafayette, IN 47906. --Revised May, 2010
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2 Test Topics/Preparation for Exam: The subject matter of General Chemistry II is varied. It usually deals with the following topics: solutions, reduction-oxidation reactions, acids and bases, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium (e.g., gas-phase, acid-base, solubility and complex ion equilibria), and chemical thermodynamics. Many of these topics are related, such as electrochemistry and thermo- dynamics. Other relationships will become apparent as you study the concepts presented in this outline. You should study the topics listed in the attached outline prior to attempting the simple examination included with this study guide. These topics are categorized to be consistent with the content studied during the past several years in the various Chemistry II courses offered at Purdue. In preparing for the examination, it is important to work many problems. The problems should be used to measure your understanding of the concepts and principles involved. In the section dealing with electrochemistry, for example, you must understand the relationship that exists between the positions of various reduction-oxidation half reactions in an activity series and the reactions occurring at the anode and cathode of an electrochemical cell. These relationships will allow you to predict which electrode in the cell will be the cathode, what the reaction would be at the cathode, and the direction of electron flow in the cell. At the end of this study guide you will find a sample examination over this material. Allow yourself 60 minutes to complete this sample exam. Naturally, it does not cover every topic, or every aspect of a topic. No examination extending over a reasonable time period could do that. However, if you have no difficulty with the sample examination, you should not have difficulty with the actual one. Following the sample exam are the answers to the questions.
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116 Test Out Study Guide (Feb 2010) - PURDUE UNIVERSITY CHM...

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