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CHM 224 Quiz 3 Name: TA: Section: You are measuring a certain parameter x , which has a true value µ and is distributed according to the Gaussian (normal) distribution. The outcome of your single measurement is x 1 . Q: please estimate the probability that x 1 falls in the interval [ µ−100σ; µ+100σ] Note: we do not ask for an exact number, but rather an intuitive estimate. You are
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Unformatted text preview: free to use your notes and the text. Answer: The probability is 0.999999999(9)…, i.e. extremely close to 1.0 (without actually being 1.0). The interval is so wide that it captures essentially all measurements. I considered the answers such as 1.0 (100%) or >0.99 (>99%) perfectly valid because the question asked for an estimate....
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