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exam 1 answers - EXAM 1 CHEMISTRY 224 1 Read the following...

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EXAM 1 CHEMISTRY 224 FEBRUARY 11, 2010 1. Read the following instructions carefully 2. Write your name and Purdue ID number on the answer sheet 3. Write your Graduate Instructor’s name on the line for “Instructor” on the answer sheet 4. Use a #2 pencil to code all information on the answer sheet. 5. Code your name and Purdue ID number on the answer sheet 6. Code 0224 as the “Section number” on the answer sheet. 7. Code the one best answer to each question on the answer sheet. THERE ARE 20 QUESTIONS. CHECK NOW TO BE SURE THAT YOUR EXAM INCLUDES ALL 20 QUESTIONS. EACH QUESTION IS WORTH TEN (10) POINTS (200 POINTS TOTAL) YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW (REMEMBER) A NUMBER OF BASIC EQUATIONS. ADDITIONAL FORMULAS AND STATISTICAL TABLES ARE INCLUDED AT THE END OF THE EXAM. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU CHECK THE REFERENCE SECTION AT THE END OF THIS BOOKLET BEFORE YOU START WORKING ON THE EXAM. ATENTION: SOME OF THE QUESTIONS THAT LOOK LIKE THEY REQUIRE COMPLEX CALCULATIONS CAN ACTUALLY BE ANSWERED BY USING SIMPLE REASONING AND INTUITION.
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1. Alice prepared stock solution of NaCl (concentration 2 mM) and poured 100 ml of this solution into a clean Erlenmeyer flask. What is the mass of Na contained in the flask? Molar mass of Na is 23 g/mol, molar mass of Cl is 35.5 g/mol a. 11.7 mg b. 117 mg c. 7.1 mg d. 2.3 mg e. 4.6 mg Answer: e. 2. A spectrophotometer was accidentally pushed from the bench and fell on the floor. Predict the consequences. 3. The relationship between A and the concentration c of Fe(phen) 3 2+ reads A c α β = + . The coefficients were determined to be 0.0059 α = − and . The unknown sample produced the reading -1 1.354 mM β = 1.8274 A = . What is the concentration ? unknown c
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