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Jessica Siciliano Title Because humor is a necessary component of human communication, and because of its effects on mental state, it is to be expected that computational scientists would recognize the potential in a marriage between humor and computers to create “motivational tools for human activity” (Mihalcea 2006). Mihalcea, of the University of North Texas in Denton, and Strappavara, of the Institute of Scientific Research and Technology of Povo, Trento, Italy, have completed a successful study in which they used computers to classify a text automatically as humorous or non-humorous by identifying and teaching it the linguistic properties and surface features of humorous “one-liners”. The study, titled “Learning to Laugh (Automatically): Computational Models for Humor Recognition, shows numerical evidence that computers can be used to recognize humor using a large data sample. While previous computational research has mainly focused on humor generation, Mihalcea and Strapparava have veered from this usual path in hopes of creating a system of recognition for verbally based humor in the form of a one-liner. Due to the fact that humor is a multi-faceted endeavor, and a complete understanding of what is funny seemed too daunting to attempt with current technological capabilities, the experiment was restricted to the type of humor found in one-liners. “A one-liner is a short sentence with comic effects and an interesting linguistic structure…” (Mihalcea 2006) Some of these “interesting linguistic structures” include frequent use of creative language, simple syntax, and use of rhetoric devices such as alliteration and
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rhyme (Mihalcea 2006). One-liners are meant to create a humorous effect without a
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Humorclassification1 - Jessica Siciliano Title Because...

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