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6 and 7 Part 3 - enterprises that operate in more than one...

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Commercial Diplomacy •An emerging interdisciplinary field that refers to the processes of influencing foreign government policy and regulatory decisions that affect global trade •Involves •Trade negotiations (e.g., tariff and non-tariff trade barriers) •Impact of policy on decision-making (e.g., business interests) •Government regulations (e.g., affecting banking) •Legislation (e.g., anti-trust/competition law) •Standards (e.g., product specifications, health, safety) •Industrial subsidies (e.g., agricultural, R&D) •Corporate conduct (e.g., corruption and bribery) •Intellectual property (e.g., patents, copyrights) Global Legal/Regulatory Context of MNEs •MNEs’ approach: •Understanding international labor standards and regulations that apply to
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Unformatted text preview: enterprises that operate in more than one country •Conducting an analysis of labor and employment laws and practices in each country in which it operates •Determining the extent to which extraterritorial laws apply •Analyzing labor and employment issues that are common to all MNEs GLOBAL LEGAL/REGULATORY CONTEXT OF MNES (CONT.) •What IHR Managers must do: •Comply with the laws of the countries in which it operates •Requires knowledge of local laws and regulations •Comply with international standards and supranational regulations •Requires knowledge of international labor standards and supranational binding regulations •Comply with the extraterritorial laws of its own country •Requires knowledge of extraterritorial laws...
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