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Information on Mid-term Exam AP/ECON3240A Labour Economics: Theory Instructor: Prof. Xueda Song October 15, 2011 1. The mid-term exam will be held at 1-2:20pm on October 25, 2011 at VH-B. Please arrive at the classroom 10 minutes in advance. 2. You must bring a photo ID for the exam. You will be required to sign your name on the class list at the beginning of the exam. 3. Please bring pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, and calculator to the exam. The exam is a closed- book exam. You are not allowed to use anything else in the exam, such as textbook, slides, notes, dictionary, or draft paper. 4. The exam covers chapters 2, 3, and 5. The exam includes 6 short-answer questions with a total mark of 40. Please check whether your exam paper is complete before you start. 5. To prepare for the exam, you should study lecture slides and notes, read required readings from the textbook, and work on the assigned practice questions. 6. You are not allowed to communicate with each other in any ways during the exam. If you
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Unformatted text preview: have any questions about the exam, please raise your hand and talk with the instructor or invigilators. Any cheating behavior regarding the exam will result in zero grade for the exam. 7. Exams must be taken by all students at the scheduled time. There is NO make-up exam for the mid-term exam. The weight for the midterm exam will be transferred to the final exam only if the students could supply hard evidence of calamity that prevented them from taking the exam (e.g. illness or injury, death in the family) AND provide detailed documentation in the manner required by the department. Students missing exams who do not meet the above requirements will receive a grade of zero for the exam. 8. Exam papers will be given back and be reviewed in class after the grading has been finished. Grade for midterm exam will be posted on Moodle afterwards....
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