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YORK UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Fall 2011 AP/ECON3240A Labour Economics - Theory =========================================================================== Instructor: Dr. Xueda Song Email address: Office: 1088 Vari Hall (VH) Office hours: 10-11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays; or by appointment. Class time and location: 1-2:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays; VH-B Course website: Course Objectives: It is impossible to read a newspaper or watch the evening news without encountering at least one story about unions, layoffs, the minimum wage, or employment discrimination. Labour markets affect us in important ways all of our lives. How they work is the topic of labour economics. This course lays out an analytical framework for thinking about issues and policies related to labour markets. Required Reading: Dwayne Benjamin, Morley Gunderson, Thomas Lemieux, and Craig Riddell, Labour Market Economics , McGraw-Hill-Ryerson, 6th edition, 2007 (BGLR). Some chapters will be covered in more detail than others. In addition to the above textbook, we may discuss some articles related to the course material if time permits. You will be examined on all material covered in class. Study guide for this text with practice problem is recommended, but not required. Valuable resources for
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