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York University Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Department of Economics AP/ECON 4279 3.0A HOUSING ECONOMICS Fall Term, 2011-2012 Instructor: Professor George Fallis 1048 Vari Hall (416) 736-2100 ext. 77027 [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 1:30–3:00 pm; or by appointment. Class: Time and Place: Monday and Wednesday 11:30–1:00 pm HNE 034 Course Description: The course examines housing markets, housing finance, and government housing policy using the tools of microeconomics. Models of demand, supply, and market equilibrium are developed emphasizing the specific characteristics of housing: its heterogeneity, its durability, and its spatial fixity. Welfare economics and public choice theory are used in the study of government housing programs. Canadian housing policies and their effects are studied. Also, the role of housing finance in the financial crisis of 2008/09 will be examined. Some time will be given to discussion of techniques of writing. Prerequisites: AP/ECON 2300 3.0/2350 3.0, or equivalents; or permission of the instructor. Evaluation: Term Test 20% (Wednesday, October 19 th , in class) Essay 40% (due Wednesday, November 30, second last class) Final Exam 40% (during exam period, December 8-22) This course may be used in satisfying the writing requirement for a BA Honours Economics degree. Readings: Most of the readings are contained in a course kit available in the bookstore. This will be supplemented by material handed out in class and by material available on the Web. It is expected that students will become familiar with the journal literature of
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Econ4279A_Fall2011[1] - York University Faculty of Liberal...

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