B- lecture 2 - A-Law and Politics 1 Law a Courts legal...

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Unformatted text preview: January 24, 2011 A-Law and Politics: 1- Law a. Courts, legal rules (constitutions, statues) b. Legal rhetoric (rights, justice) 2- Politics a. Process through which public goods are determined and allocated a.i. “who gets what, when, and how” 3- How do people use law to pursue their political interests? a. Not just by courts b. Understanding law as more than just courts c. Understanding politics as the process by which people get what they want B-New York Times Current Events 1- Bloomberg (Mayor, NYC) pushes stricter gun control (federalism, constitutional claims) a. What rights do cities have in this political process? a.i. Constitutional question a.ii. The ways in which gun advocates have used national government to keep small gov from passing gun laws b. Lawful Commerce in Arms Act b.i. Forbid lawsuits against gun manufacturers c. Mentally unstable people are gaining firearms and ammunition: is that necessary? c.i. Mayor Bloomberg Suggests that we need stricter gun control at the federal level 2- Court says Rahm Emanual not eligible to run for Chicago mayor (elections board and Cook County judge ruled in favor of mayor; 3-judge panel of Illinois Appellate curt ruled against him, 2-1 a. County judge ruled in Emanual’s favor, and the Appellate court ruled against him...
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B- lecture 2 - A-Law and Politics 1 Law a Courts legal...

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