D-lecture 3 january 31

D-lecture 3 january 31 - January 31, 2011 A-Law and...

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January 31, 2011 A-Law and Politics in the News: 1- Political protests in Egypt a. 3 cover stories b. Protests come from secular student groups, poverty, rich, against regime 2- Gun regulations scrutinized in AZ a. NYC sent undercover officers in Arizona to see what it was like to buy a gun at a gun show b. Found it easy to buy guns at shows, and were able to buy guns even when they told the gun seller that they probably wouldn’t pass a background check c. Bloomburg has formed an organization to try and lobby for gun legislation at the national level B-Questions/themes of the day: 1- Can legal standard established in Brown be translated into other types of classifications? a. Can we translate the legal standards to classifications based on gender or wealth? 2- How do different classifications of people result in different legal outcomes? 3- How are political interests deployed in arguments on different sides of these cases? a. How our own political desires come into play b. EX: if you strongly believe that women should be treated equally, then you may argue that we should be using the same standards that we use for gender that we establish for race c. Our own political perspectives come into play when we think about how to apply laws 4- What happens if law is purged of inequality but inequities remain? a. What if inequities remain? C-Legal Arguments 1- How do we know what to make of the Southern Manifesto Constitutionally speaking? a. Realists: which argument do you like better? b. Formalists: take the language of the constitution and apply it to the case c. We have to understand that the law is not static, it is dynamic c.i. In that sense we are realists 2- The People who wrote the Southern manifesto were political elites, they were not delusional a. Were not entirely wrong in what they said b. Were, however, racists b.i. Largely believed in protecting the system of white supremacy c. ****read the Southern Manifesto c.i. The language of the law is being used to promote white supremacy 3- What constitutes an unconstitutional classification? a.
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D-lecture 3 january 31 - January 31, 2011 A-Law and...

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