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F- Prof Paul lecture feb 9

F- Prof Paul lecture feb 9 - February 9 2011 A-Why sould we...

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February 9, 2011 A-Why sould we care about slavory as 20 th century voters? Is it relevant today? 1- Think about political elections. 2- “none of you voted for Barack Obama or John McCain…you voted for the electors” a. If you read the fine print, it would say you were voting for electors b. Who are these electors? b.i. They attend the Electoral College b.ii. Number of electors are determined by the number of reps in the house of representatives—indirectly the population of NJ 3- Why do we elect the president this way? a. You can win the presidency without winning the popular vote 4- At the constitutional convention the delegates are concerned with how to elect the president a. Discuss a number of possibilities: can’t the governors elect the president? b. Should congress elect the president? b.i. No, because they were afraid of the greedy politician always sucking up to congress in order to be president c. James Madison says the fittest thing would be for the “people to elect the president” c.i. There are two problems with the popular vote c.i.1. Difference in the franchise c.i.1.a. Each state has different rules for who could vote c.i.1.a.i. NJ allows women to vote c.i.1.a.ii. Mass allows blacks to vote c.i.1.a.iii. SC only rich white men c.i.2. *Our negroes won’t count—aka our slaves c.i.2.a.i.
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