G-Feb 14 - A-Topics of the day: 1- Law and politics in the...

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A-Topics of the day: 1- Law and politics in the news: Egypt, federal judicial appointments a. Egyptian Constitution: not as authoritarian as you might think a.i. There are provisions that need revising a.ii. Gives the president a lot of emergency powers a.iii. Some of the constitution is very democratic a.iii.1. Second law of politics; laws aren’t self enforcing a.iv. Massive social movement/revolt ---the people are required to make sure that rights are respected 2- Structure of US courts a. Article about the lack of federal judiciary b. There are 94 fed district courts, 11 circuit courts b.i. Need judges b.ii. Amounts to a lot of judges b.iii. 200 vacant judicial appointments are vacant b.iv. Started with Clinton…judges were not accepted by republicans, then democrats retaliated, now reps are retaliating against Obama’s appointments c. Congress has a lot of control over fed judiciary c.i. Judges are nominated by the prez, confirmed by the senate d. Our fed court system Is the crown jewel of Court systems d.i. Unfortunate that it has become a political football 3- Health Care Bill a. Passed about a year ago b. Some states eternity’s followed law suits, claiming it went against Commerce Clause c. So far 2 federal judges have appealed, some have struck it down 4- Origins of American constitutionalism/law (Articles of Confederation, electoral college, federalism, judiciary) a. How do we think about the origins? b. Framing the constitution: b.i. Classic version: “We the people” b.i.1. Locke, social contract: we give up on the state of nature to secure life, liberty, property. Federalist Papers b.i.2. we need to have a government by consent b.i.3. Federalist papers:
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G-Feb 14 - A-Topics of the day: 1- Law and politics in the...

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