M-March 28 - A-Law and Politics in the news 1 Libya and war...

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Unformatted text preview: March 28, 2011 A-Law and Politics in the news: 1- Libya and war powers a. Debate about degree to which actions presidents take now are unprecidented b. The idea that president would single handedly engage in military forces began early on after the passing of the Constitution c. Congress is the body that should be making those decisions d. Others say that it wasn’t until the Korean war d.i. Presidents engage in military power wtihout formal congressional approval e. In post WWII period in Cold War, where we see presidents really beginning to engage in military action without formal congressional approval first e.i. Problem with that is: presidents have a lot of reasons for engaging in military actions f. On the other hand, Congress doesn’t seem to object very much, and neither do the people g. Possible that this is an example with a shift in public attitudes g.i. When Congress doesn’t do anything in response, we may be seeing a shift in the law, even though there is no shift in the Constitution 2- SCOTUS case involving class action lawsuits and social science research a. Case involves WalMart and a law suit about gender discrimination b. Case is not a constitutional question, it is a question about what kind of evidence can be used to support c. How to we allow people to go about filing a Class Action Law Suit c.i. Very narow d. Can the plaintiff draw on the social science information to make their case for a class action suit d.i. Court has to make determination as to whether this social science evidence is compelling enough 3- Persistence of racial inequality in public schools a. Editorial b. Rights are not self enforcing, the limitation of the law c. Almost 60 yrs post Brown vs Board of Edu c.i. Still have enormous disparities between whties and blacks d. 95% of education reform, is trying to make separate schools for the Rich and Poor work e. Poverty is very racialized e.i. Unemployment rate for African Americans is 3 times that of whites f. Income status is racialized g. When we think about afluent/rich school districts, they are very white h. Schools with a lot few recources tend to have a lot more black and latino students...
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M-March 28 - A-Law and Politics in the news 1 Libya and war...

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