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study guide exam 1 - PROF. MILLER, LAW AND POLITICS Spring...

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PROF. MILLER, LAW AND POLITICS Spring 2011 Exam Question Bank Note: This is a list of the type of questions  you will have on your quizzes. It is not exhaustive and  none of these exact questions may appear! You will also be expected to answer questions relating to  legal items in the news that we discuss in class and that are prominent in the  New York Times   . 1) What is the main legal reasoning in the following cases:  San Antonio v. Rodriguez, Frontiero v.  Richardson, Brown v. Board of Education, University of California Regents v. Bakke? a. Equal Protection Clause- violation of 14 th  amendment b. (frontier-5 th ) 2) What is the definition of politics that was offered in class? a. The process through which public goods are determined and allocated b. Who gets what, when, and how 3) What is strict scrutiny? Why does it matter? a. Standard that the Court uses when they are evaluating legislation b. Whether there is a compelling state interest to have such legislation c. Whether it is the least restrictive means of achieving that state’s interest 4) What is Liberal  democracy? a. Strong Central government, but limited gov 5) The following quote is from which case?  “In light of the sorry history of discrimination and its devastating impact on the lives of Negroes,  bringing the Negro into the mainstream of American life should be a state interest of the highest 
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study guide exam 1 - PROF. MILLER, LAW AND POLITICS Spring...

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