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mass comm notes 9.27 (1)

mass comm notes 9.27 (1) - SOCIAL NORMS(rules that a group...

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SOCIAL NORMS (rules that a group uses for appropriate and inappropriate values, beliefs, attitudes CRITICISMS OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL DETERMINISM... What assumptions does technological determinism make? How are the effects of technology sometimes over determined in the explanations we read about and discussed? - loss of skills from previous eras - effects of other factors in relationship (underlying) * ignores the active role of people and social institutions in making their own lives - agency * how people use technology matters - nothing essential to a technology determines THEORIES OF MASS SOCIETY * From rural and agrarian (personal, intimate) to urban and mechanical (not knowing neighbors, identity defined by professional function) * Gemeischaft --> Gesellschaft * In the latter, people are bound to each other only by formal, contractual relations instead of mutual regard, custom, tradition... * Social relationships as anonymous, alienated, and disconnected.
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