momentum conservation and impulse

momentum conservation and impulse - M0M6A UM/9 P77/9f...

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Unformatted text preview: M0M6A+UM : ' : /9 P77 :/9f PHYSICS 115 CYCLE 12 SUMMR Y and RE VIE W: M OMEN TUM C ONSER VA T ION AND [IMPULSE I. SKELS PRACTICE: Conservation of Momentum Review 1. The and finalit states for four different events ale Showgirbelovy. Which ones are possflfle in an isolated system and which are not? Explain your reasons for saying one or more of the processes are impossible. The numbers indicate the relan‘ve mass and the relative speed of the blocks. Inigig! stage 0 Explain your reasoning: ._.—_> ~l- Explain your reasoning: M 0/14 Elm/M IS ’1’ v°=l' (d) Explain your reasoning: —-> —-> W COXUQ‘CC), MOMENTUM '5 NOT- cowsmvgb; P‘. ’1‘ & II. RE WE WING INDICES The balancing index A new game of skill is sweeping the nation! The rules for Seesaw Ring Toss are simple: a team of two players throws rings at the target shown in the figure below. Once all the rings have been thrown, the end supports are removed and seesaw is allowed to pivot. If the seesaw does not stay horizontal, the team fails is awarded zeropoigits for that round. Below are pictures of targets afier the rings have been eggs-H thrown but before the supports have been removed; can you» predict which teams will be get points and which will receive scores of zero before the supports are even removed? Invent a way to decide whether a given target will pass or fail just by looking at it. Circle the targets that you think will pass. Team ‘c e co BONGO Team 9 In G S 5" 3 g, The rocket boost index Rocket companies are competing to have their model selected for the next launch! As head propulsion engineer, you know you will need a lot of engine power for this project. The problem is even tougher because some rockets have multiple stages. The applicants and their engine stats are below; how can you quantify which engine will give your payload the biggest boost to get it into a proper orbit? % . ’.—L-_-; s . . .3‘ flirt“ m L' Invent a rocket boost index to help you deCIde whi' hroEket is best suited to thisrlaunch. (Remember — a hi h ' d mean ore boost. , l g erin ex sm (7443* ' Elem. .9 Rocket “Fear! ...
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momentum conservation and impulse - M0M6A UM/9 P77/9f...

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