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newton's laws no friction

newton's laws no friction - Name:1 llkogwk‘b PHYSICS 115...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: :1 @ llkogwk‘b PHYSICS 115 CYCLE 6 INDIVIDUAL SUMM4R Y PROBLEM NE WT 0N ’S LAWS, N0 FRICTION 3/9 Two boxes sitting on a fiictionless surface are connected to one another by a string of negligible mass (see diagram below). Box l‘has a mass of 4 kg and Box 2 has a mass’fitEEB-kg. The boxes are being pulled to the right with a constant force of 3 N. fiQ Ll l (a) .- me a fi'ee body diagram for each box . Y ‘I ~1- 2 m ( (b) Determine the acceleration of box 1. VL (c) '5‘ How long does it take box 1 to reach the end of the table that is 2 m away? «a R (00 3— |zk—f>:" FT l as»: l‘ . y ...
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