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workshop possibility and entropy change

workshop possibility and entropy change - Q MINE" I...

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Unformatted text preview: Q: MINE" I. Inventing Possibility Rule / A. There are 6 events described in Table 1 below. Some are realistic, others are ones never seen before. . Are all of them possible? Ifgipgwhy not? Let’s explore based on the relevant conservation law. If it doesn’t happen, does that mean it violates the conservation of energy? Use each as a test of the first law of thermodynamics * (conservation of energy) by finding the total energy exchanged by the heating/cooling A5 N combinations below. Then do the same for the entropy changes. ’ Q G? : m 1,. T“ ' Table 1: -——_—_— Two touching Two touching blocks Ice cube Puddle of 0°C Sun(1) Earth(2) .. blocks TrgéSOK are at the same (m=0.1 kg) water forms Transfers Transfers and T2=320K initial temperature of melts in into an ice 58 MJ of 58 M] of coii‘ie to thermal 300K. Block 1 cools kitchen cube (11120.1 thermal thermal equilibrium in to T1=280K and (which can kg) in a energy to energy to perfect thermal thereby warms be treated as kitchen, the Sun(1) isolaiion from Block 2 to T2=320K a hot thereby earth(2) their reservoir that transferring in perfect thermal surroundings. isolation from their transfers heat heat to the hot Tsar): Each has a heat surroundings. Each to ice) that is reservoir that capacity has a heat capacity 300K. is 300K. Cp=200 J/K. Cp=200 J/K. Lqiw)=3.34 x mee)=‘3_34 x 105 J/K 105 UK Tgmps T2=320 K 2=3OOK . T2=300K T2=290K T2=290 K ‘-- W 3% , 35, , 2r egg 1m“ - k'r SESW 6: Q2 . ’4 ‘ @— 4/ 21b .43 Mo/éé'NCIZA/AL/ .9 0.9.x) adapted in part from M.Loverude, Tutorials in Thermal Physics, © California State University, Fullerton, 201 1 ...
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