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FinalOutline - Final Outline I THESIS Despite the different...

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Final Outline I. THESIS: Despite the different factors that drove Kingsley into both the formal and informal sectors of education, it is clear that governments must invest in form education, while still considering informal education, in order to improve the lives of Africans in the long term A. What drove Kingsley to get a degree? 1. Family values a. His family believed that an education would provide for them in the future b. Kingsley’s father values education above all else, and despite level of poverty he still believes education is most valuable tool for success c. Being respectable through education 2. Opara: as eldest brother, he has to set a good example for his siblings 3. Encouraged to pay Ola’s dowry, marry her, and support her B. Why did he get caught up in 419 scams? 1. Could not find a job with his college degree a. Applied to jobs but did not get an interview b. Chemical Engineer c. He needed connections to get a job, but had none 2. Uncle Boniface convinces him to get involved in his business a. He does not have a college degree, but he can support himself and his family b. He finally had a job! c. Use his math skills 3. His father dies, and as opara, he could finally support his family 4. He wonders is education an important investment for cash-strapped African governments? C. Nancy Kendall argues in her lecture on education that EFA (education for all) provides many benefits for countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa 1. What is EFA? a. Education for all: government invests in equal opportunities for primary education b. Education is a high-yield investment, meaning putting a lot of money into it will result in numerous benefits for a country’s citizens 3. Means to produce a sophisticated society for the future 2. Benefits a. Increased life expectancy
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b. Link to improved health: AIDS/HIV and decreased infant mortality rates c. Improves well-being of next generation, an investment for the future d. Increases income while decreasing poverty D. Informal education is also vital for cultural growth and individual success
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